Mazureks' MGA Adventures

Steven And Diane

The Mazureks at GT-38

Diane and I have been members of the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR) for over forty years. We became members in 1976, not quite a year after it was formed. Since then we have attended every Get-Together (GT), except one; assisted in establishing two local chapters; and traveled to any number of local MGA and other British car related events.

On the 25th anniversary of NAMGAR, in 2001, the then editor of NAMGAR's magazine, MGA!, asked us if we'd consider putting down some memories of our travels to the first twenty-four GTs. The project morphed into this website, and we have continued to add a page for every GT that we have attended since then.

In addition to the memories, we have included event dash plaques and other visuals like pictures and a vintage postcard from the area, or at least the state.

We apologize up front for any obvious omissions — they are probably more obvious to you than to us. We also apologize to the many, many people whom we've met and not mentioned who have also provided us with memories too numerous to document here.

In October 2014, this site had a major update: the old look was a bit dated. We will eventually add more information about us and our MGAs, past and present, in addition to rendering some of the existing images better once we find the original photos. Also, this website was developed with the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers in mind. While other browsers will work, they may not render the pages as intended.

Begin a sequential viewing by clicking on Start Here on the navigation bar at the top. Or, select a particular GT by number or by location. There is an updates page where you can see the major changes.

We hope that you will enjoy reading about our exploits.